Byron Bay

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Dec 2 08 In Byron Bay Today

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It was another glorious day , although it was a little windier than yesterday. Town was a little quieter today, as the humidity was higher and the temperature was up. The Bay itself was wind affected by the north easterlies, but up towards Cosies at Tallow’s there were waves to be had. Sure it was a little bumpier, yet there was more swell and a few enjoyable peaks around for those who took the time to look.

The highlight of the day was watching a sea eagle swoop at Watego’s and snatching a really good sized bream, nice move, she put us humans to shame. For those swimming over the next few days, be careful there’s a few bluebottles drifting in with this northerly wind. It’s a little early in the season for them but they are there none the less. BTW speaking of things that sting, check out the little fellow at the end of this photo shoot. Be warned he packs a punch, if you get bitten by one these guys. Submerge the bite in warm water, for as long as possible. Better still don’t get bitten, wear thongs or sandals, and watch your step. Have great day .