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Dec 3 08 In Byron Bay Today

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Wind, wind and more wind . I suppose we can’t begrudge a few more spring winds, before summer takes hold. I can hardly wait, J but until then it’s still little wind swells and site seeing. Speaking of which, check out the grin on our Cameron who works up at the Byron Bay Lighthouse. He like all the crew that work up there deserves a little more recognition than they get. They do a great job, so if you’re up there visiting make sure you say hi and thanks to Cammo and all the other guys and girls that work up there. It’s their hard work that keeps the place so beautiful.

We all remember getting burgers and a choccy milk at the Top Shop on the corner of Massinger and Carlyle streets after surfing many moons ago. Well the old girl has been renovated. A local lad called Andy has put a pretty nice cafe in there. I can’t vouch for the food, although I reckon it must be good, because I saw a guy getting takeaway today, and I know he owns a cafe in town. So draw your own conclusions. But I can say that the coffee is great. It was the smoothest and richest without being bitter or burnt that I’ve had for quite some time. So if you’re looking for a smooth Java, pop into the top shop .