In Byron Bay Today Jan 2009

In Byron Bay Today : Jan 2009

1/1/09 : And so it begins, yes folks its New Year’s Day 2009 .....Go to In Byron Bay!

2/1/09: Much cooler, windy and grey , thanks to the southerly.....Go to In Byron Bay!

4/1/09: Sequences....Go to Sequences In Byron Bay!

4/1/09: Sequences.....Go to Sequences In Byron Bay!

5/1/09: Hallelujah and praise be to Huey for thar be swell . The....Go to In Byron Bay!

6/1/09: Well the big buzz on everyone’s lips Is that Paris Hilton...Go to In Byron Bay!

7/1/09: There was still some easterly swell around , but the wind...Go to In Byron Bay!

8/1/09: It’s the build up before the storm . There were strong.....Go to In Byron Bay!

9/1/09: ‘Blow wind blow wherever you may go, take me away. Go on take me on....Go to In Byron Bay!

10/1/09: The scene....Go to The scene In Byron Bay!

12/1/09: As the Christmas crowds fade away, we’ve noticed many more residents...Go to In Byron Bay!

13/1/09: It was all waves and smiles . We shot during the early....Go to In Byron Bay!

14/1/09: It was a glorious day In Byron Bay Today. Sure, it was a little bumpy and....Go to In Byron Bay!

15/1/09: It was a relaxing, if not blowy day. While setting up.....Go to In Byron Bay!

16/1/09: Will I say it? Hmmm Yes I will. I told you it would be windy from the north....Go to In Byron Bay!

19/1/09: What an incredibly beautiful day it was . You couldn’t....Go to In Byron Bay!

20/1/09: It was a stunner again . The forecast was for a north....Go to In Byron Bay!

21/1/09: As expected the northerly wind came up . Judging by...Go to In Byron Bay!

22/1/09: It was rather quiet . There were a few small waves.....Go to In Byron Bay!

23/1/09: There were plenty of waves. Ok so it was a tad messy...Go to In Byron Bay!

24/1/09: Sequences....Go to Sequences In Byron Bay!

26/1/09: Yes folks its Australia Day . And what a glorious day it....Go to In Byron Bay!

27/1/09: And so , we say farewell, bon voyage and goodbye......Go to In Byron Bay!

28/1/09: The monsoon trough sitting up north started to make its influence felt .....Go to In Byron Bay!

29/1/09: It all started out a bit surreal . The day itself was almost...Go to In Byron Bay!

30/1/09: What a huge day for us it was . It’s nearly midnight .....Go to In Byron Bay!