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Jul 28 09 In Byron Bay Today

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Greetings to you all from , ok folks you may have noticed there’s only five images up today. Well there’s a very good reason for it. We’re on holiday, well sort of. We had a friend (Mara) over to do Shiatsu and Bowen technique on us both. Mara’s a fan of In Byron Bay Today and she pointed out that Yoko and I have been working nonstop for eight months without a break. She also pointed out that we keep working even when we say we’re taking time out, which is kind of silly. We agree. So we’re out of here. Actually we’re not really going anywhere; we’re just taking a little R&R. Knowing me I won’t be able help writing something new for the site, though I’ll try to restrain myself. But I digress; we will resume shooting this Sunday the 2nd of August. Our next update will be ready for you on Monday the 3rd. Until then check out the Who’s that pages. Or use our next and back buttons to browse the archived updates. And pay close attention, because when we come back we’ve got a few important updates coming. We’ll be presenting the Bob Brown to Silas MacKay, the winner of our first email subscriber’s lucky draw. Plus we’ll be bringing you guys the first of our approved reviews. Now these reviews are really important. These people help pay to keep In Byron Bay Today live. They are also going to be offer you, our readers, discounts and, or added freebee’s on their goods. So stay tuned and we’ll let you know how you can take advantage of these offers as they come through. Until then, thank you all for your constant support and well wishes, it makes all the hard work more than worth it, .