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Sep 16 09 In Byron Bay Today

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Somebody up there loves us, or so it seemed, . Once again the forecast was for the northerlies to come in strong and howl through the bay. Yet once again, the wind did nothing of the sort. It did blow from the north from quite early in the morn, but it never really got strong enough to be unpleasant. The swell came up just a little more, but the big surprise was how much punch it’s got. There’s considerably more push behind it than there has been for the last few days, and the currents are much stronger too. So you beginners out there be careful, there’s a lot more water moving around Byron Bay at the moment than it looks like. Many families are on their way here for the upcoming school holidays. Well folks, here’s a tip for you. Even though the weather is warming up, the water temperature can be quite erratic at this time of year. Warm one day and bloody icy the next, so make sure you bring some rubber with you, or may get a shock, .
To all those joyous people who chose to pose, thank you, for being here with us . Don’t forget folks, keep a close eye on the photo comments to win, you need to be a subscriber to claim your freebees. Also check the simple pleasures page regularly as the discount codes change at random and are available for all readers to use.

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In Byron bay today is the brainchild of Ben & Yoko Bennink a pair of long term Byron shire resident surfers, photographers & web designers. We take photos in and around Byron Bay a minimum of five days a week and we update our site six times per week. Our work is based around what keeps us living here, the surf culture and beach scenery that’s a huge part of the bay lifestyle. It’s about a bit of fun, being a tad irreverent and we also work hard to bring you honest deals and freebees that are only available to you, our readers. Our website is a deliberate effort to honestly portray what we love about Byron Bay. We do it for fun, we do it for a living and we do it for you, both locals and visitors alike who love and respect the bay. Whether you live in the Byron Shire or are thinking of visiting Byron bay, then In Byron Bay Today is a site that you need to bookmark. So drop in daily for your dose of In Byron Bay Today.

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The answer to that is simple, fun, photos, weather reports and forecasts, information about the best localities to stay in Byron Bay. Reviews about accommodation providers, local businesses, goods and services and places to eat, plus much more is being added every day. We also work hard to bring you discounts and freebees. If you live and surf in Byron bay or have been here on holiday. Then you may like to browse our archives. There’s a reasonable chance we have a photo of you surfing. We also have freebee giveaways to our email subscribers, with some very tasty handouts. Including but not limited to a custom made Bob Brown Longboard, Byron Bay Eco Charters free whale watching tour gift vouchers, free surf wax, a shiatsu massage and there’s more on the way. But you can’t win these unless you subscribe for our email updates and check In Byron Bay Today daily to look for your name. We draw at random, and publish the name on our site. The lucky subscriber has twenty four hours to make contact via the same email address they used to subscribe to In Byron Bay Today. Failure to claim will see the goodies go to a redraw the next day. You also have the opportunity to buy canvas prints of your photos if you wish; just contact us via the contact page and we’ll let you know how to get a print of your photo In Byron Bay Today.