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Feb 7 10 In Byron Bay Today

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Water, Water Everywhere, . Man did it rain last night or what; I mean that was some serious deluge we had in Byron Bay today. Hardly surprisingly there were little pockets of flooding all over the place. Not to mention large swaths of sand swept away, not so much by the big seas but rather just the intense run off, as the water made its way via the shortest possible path to the ocean. The swell is still cooking, although the waters not looking too inviting, it rarely does after heavy rain. The waves are pretty bumpy and lumpy and the sandbanks are changing everyday at the moment, it’s really quite hard to say if it’s getting better or worse, it all really depends on when the sand stops moving. Now we’d like to introduce you guys to two new sponsors to our site. Firstly we have Earth Car Rentals, Australia’s first carbon neutral car rental company, there’re offering a locals discount to not just locals, but all our readers too, so check them out. Secondly we have Fosscati Motored Bicycles, like Earth Car Rentals Fosscati is very passionate about transport with a low carbon footprint. If you’re looking for an alternate mode of transport like a lovingly hand built motored bicycle, Then Giacomo Fosscati is the man to see. Fosscati is also offering an In Byron Bay Today readers discount. So come on in and checkout Earth Car Rentals & Fosscati, In Byron Bay Today. Don’t forget to use our sponsors listings and simple pleasures discounts, as often as possible. These are the people who make it possible for us to bring you, .

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