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Feb 17 10 In Byron Bay Today

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Damn Thieves, . Well folks by now you’ve noticed there are only five shots in today’s update of, In Byron Bay Today. So why is that? Well we got some lovely surf shots a few dolphins and some great people. But then things turned sour, while we were away from the car some disgraceful scum of the earth decided to smash the side window of our vehicle and walk away with our primary piece of equipment a Canon 1DMkII, a 1.4 extender and an L series 300mm lens and of course our shoot for the day. Nice work jerk off, your parents must be so proud, we haven’t paid that off yet. What, did you think that you were ripping off a rich guy? Did it ever cross your mind the effect you’re selfish greed has on the business and lives of two honest hard working underpaid people? No I guess not. Did you consider the effect on the thousands of readers who enjoy our daily labour of love? No of course not, thieves think only of themselves they somehow rationalise their twisted anti social behaviour until they genuinely believe that the world owes them something. Well whoever you are you managed to hurt us badly, both financially and emotionally. I hope that brings you some joy. But worst of all, you made my darling little sweetheart cry, and she’s still crying now. That’s not something I ever take lightly. I’d ask you to bring our gear back, but I seriously doubt you possess the courage required to right this wrong. Oh well, I guess when you decided to screw us and our readers, you were only thinking of yourself and your greed. So I’ll pray for you instead of hunting you, although I’m sorely tempted to hunt.
To our much loved readers and friends, we’re not sure where we go from here, we want to stay live, we want to keep working at this, but right now we’ll have to bring you some of our favourites from the last fourteen months. We ask for your patience while we try to raise the capital to get back into gear. We both hope you continue to grace us with your daily visits. To those who were there when we discovered this theft, thank you for your support. Sorry if it’s all a bit negative folks, but right now we can’t see the good for the thieves, .

See yourself up on The Big Screen at Byron Lounge Cinema, In Byron Bay Today.

To all those fabulous folks that chose to pose, thank you, for being here with us .