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Feb 18 10 In Byron Bay Today

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Extraordinary People, In Byron Bay Today. WOW people, and I mean wow. I honestly don’t quite know how to write tonight’s In Byron Bay Today update. So I’ll keep it simple and tell it how it is. For those who don’t know, yesterday a desperado smashed a window in our car and escaped with thousands of dollars worth of our camera gear. First we felt despair, disbelief and anger. But we soon came around to a sort of resigned acceptance last night and started thinking, ok now what, what’s next, how do we fix this and keep In Byron Bay today going, as run on shoestring budget? Screw the problem, how do we live in the solution? You see folks IBBT does get really great traffic, more than a million hits a month, but in the current economy traffic does not equal money. We don’t get paid for what we do. So like everyone else at the moment we do our best and just keep moving forward when we can. It’s like they say, faith can move mountains but it helps if you bring a bloody big shovel.

Anyway about midnight last night the emails began to arrive, and they’re still coming, the phone hasn’t stopped ringing all day. It’s all been from you extraordinary people, our readers/friends, from every corner of the globe, all over Australia and so many of the local crew. Some offering to hunt the vermin down for us, some even offering to do acts of joyous stupidity so we could ask people to sponsor it to raise funds J. Which I got to admit kind of appeals to my sense of humour. Many, Many, Many, just wanting us to know that their thoughts are with us, that they too have experienced this kind of mindless greed from thieves and if they could help they would. So many beautiful sentiments, from so many lovely people, Yoko keeps bursting into tears from gratitude, and I been getting a little misty myself. Yesterday Yoko’s heart got broken and mine was dented pretty badly too, today you guys healed us, we’re not giving up, where there’s a will there’s a wave.

Folks, many of you have offered to help finance our replacement gear with donations of varying sizes, and as uncomfortable as I am with the idea. I thoroughly believe that those who get humiliated in life are those who don’t get humble when it counts. So we gratefully and humbly accept all the offers to help us keep this site alive. It has been suggested by many of you that we make the details available for people to voluntarily chip in to the keep In Byron Bay Today a going concern. So click here for the details. Both Yoko and I don’t know what else to say you folks. Your generosity and desire to have us keep working this gig is like nothing either of us has ever experienced before. So thank you all, whether you’re helping with a few bucks or just sending your well wishes. It’s given us the dogged determination to not give up. We’ll be bringing you as yet unpublished photos from our spare archives, until we can get more gear and get the car secured. In the mean time once again, you guys are just extraordinary human beings, it makes us both very proud to keep bringing you, In Byron Bay Today.
PS. This donation idea has been suggested by many of our readers, please do not feel obligated to donate. Those who wish to, fine and great, those who don’t or can’t, hey that’s cool too. Either way, you guys have touched us big time. Much Gratitude & respect to you all.
Ben & Yoko.