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Weekend Review Jan 30 In Byron Bay Today

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It’s Time To Have Your Say, . What a week it’s been, Sharks, Sharks and more Sharks a midweek surprise swell and still much controversy. Now listen up folks, over the last year we’ve had many requests to open an online forum page on the In Byron Bay Today website. Well as the editor and therefore the boss, or at least that’s what Yoko let’s me tell myself. I got to tell you, no chance. Forums need moderating and there are only two of us. Many of our readers have kids, and forums tend to become hangouts for cyber bullies. So that won’t be happening it’s just not cool. In Byron Bay Today needs to continue as a family friendly site. Having said that, we’ve received several letters and many, many comments from very experienced surfers lately who are concerned that the current Byron Bay surf safety issue has yet again, been sidetracked. By those who choose to focus on the legrope, (whether they’re worn or not) question. Rather than facing what they (the experienced surfers) see as the real issues, such as the increasing numbers of beginners and lack of respect from those learning and hiring surfboards in the water. So here’s your chance to have your say. Send us an email to [email protected]

These following questions are the questions that I’m being asked in the beach carparks on a daily basis lately. So rather than just bore you all silly with my longwinded opinion. I say let’s hear yours as well. Rest assured, you won’t be alone, because as someone that witnesses what goes’ on in the surf every day in Byron Bay, you can bet I’ll be having my say too. So here’s what I’m being asked.

  1. Do you think that the hire board industry has a case to answer, or do you think they do just fine?
  2. Do you believe people should be forced to wear legropes or conversely have their legropes removed? Or is it wiser to teach them to use a legrope correctly when they wear one, and stop letting go of their boards?
  3. Should we go back to the days of telling the beginners to get back down the beach and learn where it’s empty, or do we just allow the current patterns to continue?
  4. Do you feel that surf schools need to lift their game about teaching respect for fellow surfers and stop telling people that they can teach them to surf in just one day, or do you feel that surf schools do a fine job?
  5. Do you believe it’s about time that people stop treating free surfing like a competition and being so greedy in the water, or should it be as competitive as possible?
  6. Should people teaching newcomers and their kids to surf, move somewhere quieter to teach them? Or could we as elder experienced surfers, take a more active role with the kids and their safety. By collectively teaching them the meaning of respect for their follow surfers in the water as it used to be done?

We want to know what you think. These questions are just examples of what I’m being asked, so if they trigger something for you, let us know. There are however, a few simple rules to getting your opinion published on our site.

  • No foul language, kids may read it and it’s not cool.
  • No bigotry, hatred, sexism, abuse or racism, if you hate longboarders or shortboarders or anybody else for that matter, just keep your insecurities to yourself. We’re talking about what you believe works in surfing for all surfers from your perspective, not about who you hate and why.
  • Nobody gets to hide behind anonymous nicknames, if you haven’t got the courage to put your real name to it, don’t bother sending it. You can add your nickname if you like, but we need a real name too.

This is a trial to see if it’s of any value to you guys. We’re interested in an honest debate, where maybe we may identify the problems, and hear your possible solutions. We’ll do our best to publish all appropriate letters and keep it balanced that’s provided we get any; we know us surfers tend to be apathetic at times. If it’s inappropriate it won’t get published, if we run out of time, we’ll have to publish the best only. And if it all goes well, we may well make this a semi-regular event for various other topics, .