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Weekend Review Jul 17 In Byron Bay Today

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Big Stuff, . Ok folks On July 24th 2010 Nor-Cal Surf Shop will host the Third Annual Marine Mammal Surf Festival to raise money for the non-profit organization, Surfers for Cetaceans. Entry Is $50 per competitor for the chance to give back to what we all love by saving dolphins and whales from senseless slaughter in their own habitat. If you can’t make it to California for the comp, donations of any amount are appreciated. Visit to make a contribution. Next; once again one of our crew, Jim, has suffered a nasty facial injury by a beginner in the crowd, who really should not have been there. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, beginners and crowds don’t mix. It really is that simple, if you learn to surf in a crowd, then you’re putting yourself and others at risk. For all the newcomers to surfing out there, read our learn to surf page, or at least pay attention to the following. To earn your place in a crowded lineup (ten surfers or more on any one break) a surfer needs to posses mastery of three fundamental skills. These are: Turning - Paddling - Wave Knowledge.

  1. Turning: To be able to turn your board confidently and accurately to avoid hitting another surfer without falling off.
  2. Paddling: To be able paddle wide out of the way of oncoming surfers. Avoid collisions and know how take the hit from the white water without ever letting go of your board.
  3. Wave Knowledge: To be able to accurately choose waves that you have the ability to surf without expecting to wipe out.

When you possess these three fundamental skills, then and only then you have earned your place in the lineup. If you do not honestly posses these skills, move to an un-crowded break where it’s safe for you and others to practice these fundamental building blocks of surfing, .

See yourself up on The Big Screen at Byron Lounge Cinema, In Byron Bay Today.