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Nov 7 10 In Byron Bay Today

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Caught Inside, . Life's kind of like surfing and surfing is a lot like life, no matter how hard we try, everyone eventually gets caught inside, in Byron Bay today. Yes folks we tried, we sweated, we worked and worked, and just when we thought we were going to make the deadline. Huey sends in a cleanup set and we got caught inside. The new community blog network is therefore not finished, we got close, real close. But then a recalcitrant line of well hidden code flipped out. The damned stuff is as temperamental a grommet with a red cordial and sugar addiction. No amount of gentle coaxing was going bring us back into line. So we had to dump the lot and start again. We'll be out shooting again this Monday, and we'll let you all know when this baby is ready to boogie, .