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The Question, . As most of you know by now, a man is tragically lying in Tweed hospital on a life support unit after an accident at The Pass on Sunday. Apparently he was hit by his board and then suffered a coronary arrest as the following result of drowning. The whole thing is really tragic, and somehow I just couldn’t bring myself to go out and shoot today, maybe it’s a respect thing, but whatever it was, it didn’t feel right. As a result I’ve had a little time to slow down and think carefully about what may have happened in the water yesterday. Before I go any further I would like to offer my sincerest condolences to this man’s family and friends. I could not possibly fathom the grief they must going through right now. The sheer shock of this tragedy has been pretty disturbing for many. Yet there is something more here, and I’m not sure that I know what it is. You see, there is a question that’s been nagging me constantly in the back of my mind since I was alerted to this tragedy. The question is this. How is it that on such a small day, at low tide on a shallow bank, in the middle of a highly concentrated crowd of over 100 people. That a man is left unconcious in the water long enough to drown? .

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