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Situated between Main Beach and The Pass lays Clarkes Beach. Clarkes is a favourite holiday destination with families, as its walking distance to everything yet far enough out of Byron’s CBD to feel more peaceful. There are many accommodation providers here from beachfront Camping through to absolute luxury up towards Paterson Hill. The Beach itself is just gorgeous there is no other way to describe it. It’s a very popular spot for evening walkers to watch the sun go down across the bay over the Mullumbimby Mountains. Remember that Clarkes Beach is home to many permanent residents, so please keep noise to a respectful level here.

The Surf at Clarkes Beach: From a surfers perspective Clarkes is a gem. Technically speaking this is the end section of The Pass. When it's small to midsized Clarkes Beach is great for the whole family. The wave is best suited to longboards, fishes, eggs, hulls, discs, most style of funboards and bodyboards. The kids will enjoy it on shortboards, but serious shortboarders will find it far too soft unless it’s quite big. When it does get big, which is rare, it gets heavy with very strong currents, making it a no go zone for beginners. Like all famous breaks, Clarkes can become crowded at times, if so, just be patient. People need to eat and rest; the crowd will back off soon enough. You’ll find the local crew are pretty friendly when you tread lightly, so show courtesy and a little respect and you’ll have a ball.