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Main Beach is the hub of Byron Bay’s international beach scene. It’s where it all happens from a visitor’s social perspective. There’s plenty to do around here swimming surfing, shopping, dining entertainment and accommodation galore. Not to mention that Main Beach itself has become the scene in which to be seen. You can check in to where you’re staying here and not need to use your car again until you leave. From a swimmers and learner surfer’s view Main beach is the place to go. It’s safer and regularly patrolled it’s rarely deserted and has less dangerous currents. The coastal scenery around this spot is stunning to say the least and just sitting and watching is a big part of the allure of Main Beach. This spot is very popular and with good reason so make sure you book well in advance.

The Surf at Main Beach: To the East of the wreck in Byron bay is the beach break known as main beach. When it's small to midsized, main beach is just a great fun wave for the whole family, including but not limited to inexperienced, beginner and absolute novice surfers. For the learner this place is fantastic and usually at its best on higher tides. This spot rarely gets big. But if it does its character changes completely making it a very heavy wave, then it's for the highly experienced surfers only, yet as mentioned before this is rare. Although patrolled and usually quite safe, be aware there is a current heading northwest towards The Wreck when the swell gets bigger. The local crew here will expect you to exercise courtesy and respect to all when surfing here.