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Tallow Beach sprawls from the South side of Cape Byron all the way down past Suffolk Park to Broken Head. The majesty and beauty of this area is extraordinary. There are many places where you can get accommodation from camping to absolute luxury that are easy walking distance to Tallow beach. Tallow’s as it’s more commonly known has a very different feel to the other side of the cape. It is an open beach, much of which backs onto the Arakwal National Park. There is a palpable sense of power here, both in and out of the water. The beach itself is pristine and inviting, yet keep in mind, this is an open ocean beach. It is more likely to have, rips, heavy surf, sea life etc. To the uninitiated, this is a place to look and be inspired, rather than jump straight in. Tallow’s is great place for long morning walks.

The Surf at Tallow Beach: From a surfer’s perspective Tallow’s offers much, although it’s really only good for longboarding when it’s small. Cosy corner lays in the Southern lee of Cape Byron on Tallow beach. It is one of the most devastatingly beautiful stretches of beach you are likely to find anywhere. It's also home to some very fine waves on its day. This place is great for all when it's tiny. But as the swell size increases so does the skill level required for surfing it. Beware of the rip in the corner it can snare the odd unwary inexperienced surfer, even when it looks small and calm. You’ll find a great little left and right peak here. But it does get crowded. Once Tallow’s gets any size at all, a shortboard is a more appropriate choice for surfing this wave. Please people show the local Tallow’s surfers some courtesy and respect. They are often inundated by crowds of day tripper surfers from the surrounding regions; this constant competition for waves can make people sensitive. Bring respect with you and you’ll be made to feel welcome here. If you prefer to avoid the crowds entirely, it’s no more difficult than going for a quick stroll along the beach to the south. Within five minutes you’ll find yourself entirely on your own, it’s worth the effort. Tallow’s is one for the experienced surfers only.