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Ah yes, Watego’s once a banana plantation now home to the rich and famous. It’s funny how time changes things. The thing most people think when seeing Wategos for the first time is, ‘My God it’s beautiful, I want to live here.’ This quickly followed by ‘How much?’ Of course the reality is for most of us, if we need to ask we can’t afford it. But thankfully we can all afford to experience a stay here. Ok for those of us on a budget we may need to look at a visit in low season to snap up a bargain. But do it we must, especially if you love longboarding, you need to stay at Watego’s at least once in your life. To walk down to that beach in the morning with your log under your arm is just unforgettable.

The Surf at Watego Beach: Watego’s is home to some of the world’s most stylish sliders. The place has a reputation as a Longboarder Mecca, and with very good reason. Try to ride a shortboard here and you’ll just get frustrated, but for a longboard it’s heaven. Yet as Idyllic as it appears it’s wise to remember that Watego’s Beach is nestled in the lee of Cape Byron, Australia’s most easterly point. Watego’s is susceptible to strong currents in larger swells and considerable sea life. The waves here are predominantly soft and safe for families when it’s small provided the little ones are kept under constant supervision. This beach should be treated with respect. Especially if you see large waves breaking wide off The Cape. This is a sure sign the current is running, if so, the inexperienced would be prudent to give it a miss until the swell drops. Do exercise caution with the rocks between Wategos and The Pass, especially when there is little or no sand build up there. Watego’s Beach is a breathtakingly beautiful place with a gentle atmosphere both in and out of the water. The local surfers here are a cruisey bunch and like to keep it that way. So wait your turn, have a chat and relax. Because that’s the way we do it at Watego’s.