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Belongil Beach Byron Bay

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Belongil is a classic beach front spot. It’s an eclectic mix of architecturally designed homes and those groovy retro beach houses we remember as kids. All nestled in behind the dunes with sand tracks over to the beach. Even though it’s close to town, Belongil provides a very real sense of getting away from it all for those who need it. This is enforced by the fact that the quickest route into town from Belongil is to take a leisurely stroll up the beach. Be aware that Belongil does have permanent residents; so please keep noise to a respectful level.

The Surf at Belongil: There are varying quality beach breaks at Belongil. The waves are partially refracted by Cape Byron and Julian Rocks, producing softer and slower moving swells. It can get hollow and even powerful when it’s big, yet as a general rule Belongil is a family friendly wave best suited to longboards, fishes, eggs, hulls, discs, most style of funboards and bodyboards. The kids will enjoy it on shortboards, but serious shortboarders will find it a bit too soft unless it’s big. Belongil is not patrolled and can have currents and sea life. Supervision is a good idea for the little ones here. The local crew are used to it being quiet and peaceful, so please, exercise courtesy and respect to all when surfing at Belongil.