About our Sponsors Listings In Byron Bay Today

Ok folks this is how it works from the perspective of you the reader. We offer businesses the opportunity to apply to purchase a sponsored listing in our site. Provided we’re happy with what they’re offering to you our readers, we’ll sell them a listing.

The entry level standards we’ve set are really simple and fair, if we would be willing to use it and pay for it ourselves or recommend it to a friend then we’ll allow them to become a sponsor and list in our directory. All sponsors and must meet this simple benchmark. Once listed, businesses can apply to upgrade to a side bar listing, by bidding for position on the side bar.

Sponsors listed in our side bar are not listed based on favouritism. If they are in our side bar it’s because they want to sponsor In Byron Bay Today. They want to make sure we can afford to continue doing what we do, and bring you guys this free service. So do them the courtesy of checking them out.

They have paid for your attention; they have something they feel you’d be interested in.

Of course all sponsors that do get listed have paid us for their listing once they have been accepted. We do need to eat. But flashing money at us does not automatically gain them acceptance into our website. There is no open door advertiser’s policy here. If they don’t meet our simple yet fair standards. If they don’t fit with the core values of what we are trying to achieve with the In Byron Bay Today website. We will not accept them for a listing. It’s that simple.

The end result for you guys, our readers, is this. When you find something or someone listed in our site. You know that we would willingly use the same product or service and suggest it to a friend, In Byron Bay Today.