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The Top Shop Byron Bay

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How many of you remember The Top Shop in Byron Bay?

I don't know what your memories are, but I sure know mine. We used to pull up there after an early at The Pass, fuel up on a burger a sausage roll and choccy milk, ah yes the breakfast of champions or so we thought way back when. Then we'd pop just enough fuel in the car to go for another surf. Yeah there was a petrol pump there many moons ago, and off we'd go, only to come back a few hours later for lunch. The Top Shop is a Byron Bay Icon, and for us surfers it's always held a place in our hearts reserved for fond memories of when we were grommets. You see the place has history; it's over one hundred years old.

Well folks I'm stoked to report that The Top Shop is alive and well and kicking arse, it's absolutely buzzing. Thankfully a bloke called Andy and his brother Charlie came to the rescue of the old joint. Andy's a local surfer and both he and Charlie have had many years experience with running cafes successfully. The guys had a vision for The Top Shop that has proven to be very popular with the local crew. These guys knew that the residents of Byron Bay need somewhere to hang out too.

They felt that Byron Bay was missing something. That even though it's a surf based town, the cafes and food outlets all appeared to be aimed at either upmarket tourists or fast food for backpackers. Yet there was nowhere for the local and visiting crew. We needed somewhere to get a healthy meal, a loaf of in house backed bread, and a cuppa at reasonable price. They felt that Byron needed a place where the crew could hang out, eat, talk and drink coffee, milkshakes and juices. While not having to worry about being covered in sand, salt, wax and block out. Where you can sit inside or out on the lawn as the mood takes you and not be concerned about being asked to move on in a minute because you're taking too long over your cuppa.

The idea was simple, good healthy food at a reasonable price. Plus handmade sourdough bread baked every night on the premises. A hub close to the all the main surf breaks, with plenty of parking, a spot where the local crew can feel comfortable to spend a little time and catch up with each other. Plus where visiting families of surfers can come back to The Top Shop and relive some old memories and reacquaint themselves with the local crew.

The Top Shop as it is today is all that and more; it really is a success story. Now they say The Top Shop is not a fussy kind of café. You know maybe it isn't, I'm mean you can rock up in a pair of boardies looking like you just got out of the water, and nobody gives hoot. But start looking into the menu and well then things change. You see it's pretty obvious to me, an ex-caterer myself, that Andy and Charlie have put a tremendous amount of thought, effort and energy into what they serve. To the untrained eye it may seem simple enough, but these blokes are fussy when it comes to providing quality for your money.

They use farmer's market ingredients in their burgers. Free range eggs, in the egg and bacon rolls. Fresh Italian Panini, freshly made juices, cold drinks for hot days and fresh homemade sourdough bread and joyous muffins. It's all good healthy filling affordable munchies just perfect for growling down on after a few waves.

But to me the thing Andy and his staff at The Top Shop have really got down pat is the coffee. Now I'm a bloke that loves his java. If there's one thing that annoys me to no end, it's walking into a café and forking over hard earned readies for a cup of weak, bitter or burnt dishwater that's passed off as coffee. Since Andy has been in charge, I have never had a dud coffee at The Top Shop. It's always been strong enough, smooth and fresh, just really good coffee. Now I actually know how hard that is to pull off. For me The Top Shop is a great place to eat, a fun place to hang out and check the boards and memorabilia on the walls. But it's coffee that's really the icing on the cake. So do yourself the
courtesy of making an effort to support The Top Shop. They've gone to great lengths to make sure we get the good stuff.


Phone: 0266856495

Corner of Carlyle & Massinger Streets Byron Bay NSW 2481

Open every day from 6.30am till 5.00pm

Breakfast menu available all day

Lunch menu available all day.