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Ok folks personal honesty and disclosure requires I tell you up front, I didn’t need to go and review Brent’s work. The reason being is that I’ve been a grateful client of Brent’s for years now. Yeah, yeah I hear you all screaming, ‘you’re biased on this one ya big galoot.’ Damn straight I am, because it’s Brent Verco at Mullumbimby Chiropractic who keeps me straight.

You know, as a surfer of more than forty years, I know intimately about how much damage we do to our joints and our backs. Plus let’s not forget that hideous triangulated muscle spasm we get behind our shoulder blades, upper thoracic and at the base of our necks. You guys know the one, you’ve just done too much paddling and it’s all knotted up and hurts like hell.

Well guess what? Brent’s been surfing all his life too, and if there’s one thing this bloke knows intimately it’s what we surfers go through with our backs, hips, knees, shoulders, necks etc. Not only does Brent have the ability get me moving again when things go wrong. But the bloke isn’t interested in trying to keep me coming back more than I need to so he can pay off his car. Go figure? I’ve never had him tell me. ‘Yeah I can help you, but I’ll need to see you weekly for months.’ Sure for more complex conditions he’s had to see me more than once. But I’ve also experienced Brent having me up and grooving with one visit. So I mean really folks, if there is one Chiropractor that I can recommend for surfers, then it’s got to Brent.

Sure Brent works on many other folks from all walks of life, and all different shapes and sizes too. Let’s take Yoko and I for example, we both have major lower back damage and issues, plus the usual stuff that goes with being regular surfers. Yoko is tiny and fragile, I mean she breaks. Then there’s me, I’m a 116kg 6’10” Bear. Brent is both gentle enough to handle Yoko well, and strong enough to be able to deal with me. Which is weird, because the bloke really doesn’t look it? I’m guessing technique is what counts here.

Surer here must be other practitioners out there, who are as careful sincere and professional about their work as Brent Verco is. But I got to tell you I didn’t just stumble upon Brent by accident. You see I had actually spent years looking for a really talented Chiropractor, and I did eventually find one. Problem was this, even though the bloke I was seeing was seriously good he’d never surfed. He didn’t quite understand what it is that we surfers go through. After seeing this guy for years, he suggested that I go to see Brent. You see my old chiropractor had a very real faith in Brent Verco, and he know that Brent has a unique understanding of the deep tissue issues that us surfers suffer from. Therefore I didn’t find Brent, I was referred to him by another Chiropractor who’s judgment I knew I could trust. He felt it was in my best interests to refer me to Brent, and so I went. I’ve never looked back.

I asked Brent to try to explain to me why he’s so good at treating me and my surfing related physical issues.

Brent’s answers to me question are as follows:

  • I do a lot of soft tissue massage and muscle release work, I like to incorporate it into the long consultations I give at Mullumbimby chiropractic.
  • As a surfer myself I like to specialize in treating and rehabilitating surfing injuries, naturally I treat others as well, but surfers are my specialty.
  • The clinic (Mullumbimby Chiropractic) has been open here for over 15 years and enjoys a great reputation among Byron locals, which is cool and good for business. But it’s the relationships that I’m forming with my surfing clients that are the icing on the cake for me.
  • I’m quite proud of my reputation for not over servicing and getting the job done in a minimal number of treatments. I think it’s the only way to work.
  • I have a strong Interest in chiropractic rehabilitation and teaching my clients core strength. I believe core strength to be a prerequisite for a good surfer.

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Subscribers Freebees: Brent is offering one lucky subscriber per month the chance to pick up One Free Initial Consult and treatment. Plus a second Free Follow Up Treatment. That’s value of $110.00.

You Can get hold of Brent Verco at Mullumbimby Chiropractic. They’re located at 110 Dalley Street just opposite FarmCare in Mullumbimby.

ph: 0266841028

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