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North Coast Surfboards (NCS)

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You ever wondered who makes those gorgeous Hawaiian Pro Designs (Donald Takyama boards) in Australia. Well now you know, it’s North Coast Surfboards in Byron Bay. The fact that NCS has the rights to make Takayama’s boards should be proof enough of how good these blokes are at what they do. But there’s more to their story than that. You know, I’ve been surfing for over forty years now and quality surfboards are one of my main passions. The father son team of Tony & Evan Squirrell at NCS share the same passion. Their love for quality and craftsmanship is evident in every board they build, which is why I can heartily endorse their products.

One of the first things you’ll notice at NCS is the lack of surf media hype here in the shop. There are no massive video screens plastering the walls or loud music blasting your ears. There is however lots of stunning, beautifully glassed, handmade surfboards to get you drooling over, and the sounds of sanding glass and mowing foam out the back. You walk in, the beeper sounds and you’ll see Tony or Evan stroll out of the factory, usually covered from head to toe in dust and stinking of resin. No corporate kiddies here. The memories come flooding back from your grommet days. This is a real surfboard factory, and they do things here the way it used to be done. A little slower with methodical care and a genuine passion for the boards they produce. NCS is not some trendy fashion outlet. It is a surfboard factory and showroom. What’s on show here is a matter of pride and credibility to all who work at NCS. It’s really that simple. You’ll find no sweatshop made pop outs here. Thank God there are still places like this around where you can walk in and order a fully hand shaped, custom made surfboard. That is if you manage to avoid the temptation of whipping out the plastic and walking out with one of the gems from the racks under your arm first.

A testament to the quality of the craftsmanship which comes out of NCS is in the list of name shapers they have produced boards under licence for. Industry heavy weights such as: Donald Takayama, Bear Surfboards, Dewey Weber, Nat Young Surfboards, No Brand, Gerry Lopez and Steve Walden. Other highly respected shapers to have used the NCS services are Paul Hutchinson, Dick Van Straalen, Bob Brown, Billy Tolhurst, Ronnie Goddard, Nigel Perrow, Brett Munro, Kingsley ‘Knackers’ Kernouski, Darrel ‘Rooster’ Dell, Reno Abellira and Dick Brewer. The craftsmen at North Coast Surfboards are all talented surfers, they all have a passion for what they produce and they all take pride in their work. Tony has surfed since he was 13 years old and Evan since he was four. Their mission and purpose is to produce the most beautiful, high quality and as close to perfect (as is humanly possible) surfboards available on the market. The fact that NCS is still in business against an industry rapidly moving towards cheap mass produced imports is just added proof of how good they are at what they do.

If you’re like me and you seriously dig a board that surfs as beautifully as it looks, then you’re going to want to pay these guys a visit when you come into Byron bay. Or better still get on to their website or the phone. Have a lend of Evan’s ear for a bit, there’s nothing he likes better. Tell him what you’re into; order early, so they can have your new stick ready for you to pick up when you get to Byron bay. A new custom made board from North Coast Surfboards is one seriously cool way to make sure you have an extra special holiday in Byron Bay Today.

Don’t forget to mention the simple pleasures discount code: IBBT NCS FT01 to get your free Bear T-Shirt when you buy a new board from NCS. Check back regularly to see what other discounts North Coast Surfboards will be offering during the year.

Simple Pleasures Discount: Just quote the current IBBT Code to Receive a Free Bear Surfboards T-Shirt with any new board purchase from North Coast Surfboards.

Phone 0266856896

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Drop in and see Tony & Evan at 1/29 Acacia street, Byron Bay Industrial Estate NSW 2481