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Stomp Surf Wax - Burleigh Wax Co

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Yes that's right folks we do indeed use Stomp Surf Wax, in Byron Bay today. Stomp is manufactured in Australia by a bloke called Jamie from the Burleigh Wax Company just up the road from Byron at Burleigh Heads. Now what can we tell you about Stomp Surf Wax, that is worth your while, well how about this. We use it, and you don't see either Yoko or me slipping off the nose in critical sections. That's a pretty good start.

The joyous thing about Stomp surf wax is this, it tends to retail just a little cheaper, yet the quality is still high. So why pay more than you need to? You see there is a very simple reason why Stomp tends to be a little cheaper. The crew at Stomp are not greedy, that's it in a nutshell. Jamie would rather work a little harder to bring you a bit more for a bit less, than clip you at the counter.

Bottom line that is an attitude that seriously deserves to be supported, in this day and age of corporate greed, it's the smaller more generous surf companies that we need to support. Stomp Surf Wax is a proud supporter of

Stomp Surf Wax is available from these outlets in Byron Bay.

The Top Shop

West Byron IGA