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So what’s tax management got to do with surfing and life in Byron bay? Well plenty actually. Contrary to popular belief Byron bay is not full of government funded civil stirrers and obscenely wealthy baby boomers. Sure those folks are here too, but they are the minority. The simple reality is this, most of us work, and the majority of us work bloody hard to stay and live in Byron bay and the surrounding regions. In today’s economic environment that’s usually a balancing act of casual part-time work mixed with sub-contracting or running your own small business or company while squeezing in a few surfs on the sly. Then there are those of us who do all this but are also involved in being semi or fulltime professionals in the arts, sports or both. Now that’s the reality up here for most of us and that’s what you’re facing if you plan to move and live in Byron bay. It’s all good, exciting and rewarding until it comes time to crunch the numbers and get things ready for the ATO. That’s where people like Lennox Tax Management (LTM) come in to their own.

The principle of LTM is a bloke named Graham Mathews; he’s been a practicing accountant in the Northern Rivers region since 1973. Now if anyone knows how the pieces of the income jigsaw puzzle fit together up here, it’s Graham. Now Graham Mathews is a rather interesting chap, he’s not like you’re average accountant. For starters he has a pulse. Graham’s also a practising Yoga instructor and a very passionate bloke; he gets considerable joy from helping other people. This is where it’s totally different at LTM, the practice has a very non confrontational relaxed and informal feel to it. Yet get Graham talking, and you’ll soon find he really knows his tax. Especially when it comes to balancing the often wildly entangled income streams we deal with to survive in and around Byron Bay.

LTM likes to build a family of both clients and staff with similar lifestyle interests. There’s Vicki the GST expert, Kari the Chartered Accountant and now Grahams son Alistair who’s returning to train under Graham in the family business. Likewise many of LTM’s newer clients are the sons & daughters of clients that Graham Mathews has had for many years. ‘It’s a generational thing’ says Graham. Folks need to feel comfortable to let all those financial loose ends hang out with someone they trust.

I myself know of many who have and still do use the services of Lennox Tax Management, as Graham has been recommended to me as a handy financial ally many times. Yet confidentiality dictates I don’t mention their names. What I can tell you is this. LTM’s client list reads like a Who’s Who of the Byron bay surf industry and Yoga scene professionals, not to mention many lawyers, estate agents, travel agents, contractors, builders, personal trainers, Gym operators, restaurateurs, retailers, traders, professional surfers, artists, actors and literally butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. The simple fact is this, if you like to be treated in a friendly reassuring and personal manner while still enjoying the security of having highly professional accountants on your side; Then Lennox Tax Management is the crew for you.

Don’t forget to mention the simple pleasures discount code: IBBT LTM TP01 to get 10% discount off your 08/09 return. Check back regularly to see what other discount offers Graham makes during the year.

Simple Pleasures Discount: Just quote the current IBBT Code to Receive %10 off your Tax Returns when lodged with Lennox Tax Management.

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