Byron Bay

Use a photo In Byron Bay Today

We get many requests from people and organisations wanting to use our photos.

It’s really simple folks; our images are protected by Australian Copyright Law and International Copyright Treaty. In other words this is our work, don’t steal it.

If you would like to use or republish our photos for any purpose, personal or otherwise you need to ask us first. In most cases we’re happy to oblige with free images, provided that you link back to us and give us credit for the image. If you don’t that’s stealing, it’s a crime punishable by law and it’s seriously bad form.

So if you want to use our photos just ask us first, we don’t bite, or at least not very often J

  1. Ask us first. These photos are not free material for you to use for your business at whim. This is our work; it is protected under Australian Copyright Law. You will find we are quite reasonable and willing to supply you with images if you meet our guidelines. Taking our photos without our permission is stealing. How would you like it if someone stole something that you put all your energy, love, money and time into? You wouldn’t like it all, and we don’t either. So if you’d like to avoid ‘The Bear’ knocking on your door, ask before you take.
  2. We need to approve your website or blog first. Once we have established that we are ok with the website that you wish to use our photos on, you will be given permission to use our material. In most cases it will be free provided you meet our conditions.
  3. Don't alter or crop our photos. You may resize, but do not crop any part of the image or rework the image in anyway. We publish our photos the way we want them to be seen. If this does not suit you, don’t use our images.
  4. You need to link back to the index page with a text link with the words Photo courtesy of In Byron Bay Today. Failure to do this will see you invoiced for use of the image.
  5. The photo itself must also be linked back to the correct archive page within the In Byron Bay Today website where the photo permanently resides. Failure to do this will see you invoiced for use of the image.
  6. Your website must meet our content policy. Using our photo’s on websites that do not meet our content policy may result in legal proceedings being filed against you from us and the subject of the photo, don’t risk it.

Always give links and credit to for every photo used, and make sure that the photo is going to be used in an appropriate fashion. Remember you are subject to the rule of law for breach of copyright. Stealing is a criminal offence. Don’t risk ruining your life or business for a few photo’s it’s not worth it, just contact us and ask before you take.