Fosscati Motorised Bicycles Byron Bay

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Fosscati Motorised Bicycles

Fosscati Motorised Bicycles - style with a dash

Giacomo Fosscati builds the finest, most stylish motorised bicycles in Australia. They’re without equal for performance and head-turning looks. These same looks have seen Fosscati creations featured in top-end television and print advertising campaigns. It helps, too, that Giacomo’s motorised bicycles are easy on the environment and, in terms of running costs, the hip pocket.

Hand-assembled in a specially-equipped workshop near Byron Bay, the Fosscati range includes the two-stroke Tincogan Thumper, the Chincogan Climber, the Chincogan Chaser and the Tyagarah Tiger. The four-stroke Honda-powered models include the acclaimed Billinudgel Bullet and the Indian Pacific. Two ladies’ models are on the drawing board ? the Jacquiroo and the Nanini.

What makes these models exceptional is the quality of the components used and the attention to detail through the customising process.

“I select the frames based on the model the client selects,” Giacomo says. “My personal favourites are Schwinn cruisers. From there it’s a creative process. I have a preference for Honda and Subaru engines. Then we have to look at lights and, of course, the safety features.”

With a wry smile, Giacomo admits his insistence on quality and unwillingness to cut corners has, in the past, cost him clients. “The client might pay the money, but the Fosscati name is on the bicycle. Nothing leaves the workshop unless it’s the best of the best.”

The flip side is that Fosscati buyers tend, in the main, to arrive as clients and remain as friends.

“They’re generally people like me,” Giacomo explained. “While they don’t want to leave a big carbon footprint, they do like to leave an impression, the impression of being the sort of people who appreciate 24-carat quality, who like to be noticed for all the right reasons.”

There is, too, Giacomo admits something of the rebel, the utterly free spirit in every Fosscati rider.

“A Fosscati motorised bicycle transports the spirit as well as the body,” Giacomo said. “Turn the pedals, start the compact engine, settle onto the saddle and feel the freedom. I suppose it might be a bit like the absolute freedom of skydiving without the risk of a hard landing. It’s no accident that, among those in the know, Fosscati is a byword for freedom.”



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